Quick Update 26-02-2021



We would like to provide you with a quick update with some important information. 

As of Saturday 27th February Flagsticks will be allowed to be removed from the hole when putting. Please ensure that you sanitise your hands after touching the flag.

All rakes will remain out of the bunkers and therefore preferred lies will continue to be in place. Please smooth over your divots and footprints after you have hit your shot.  

Nearest to Pins will also be back on Saturday 27th February on each Par 3. Again, we ask that you please santisie your hands after touching the Nearest to Pins markers. There will be no Pro Pin.

After a fantastic win over Benalla at Benalla the YSM pennant team finished on top of the ladder and will be playing in the final this Sunday 28th February. This will be played at Cobram Barooga Golf Club on the Old Course at 11am. It would be great to see as much local support as possible as they compete for the flag against Shepparton. We wish them all the best.

Last Saturday Evening the Club held a function to present and acknowledge our Major Events and Championship Winners for 2020. 

The night was attended by approximately 60 members who enjoyed the snack food and BBQ that was provided by the Club. A massive thanks are extended to Management and Catering staff for their excellent service during the evening. 

The night was a replacement for our normal mid-year dinner which was COVID-19 interrupted and was not held.

Our intention is to be back to normal this year with a function to be held late June, early July.

Below is a list of winners and runners up from the evening who received trophies. (Unfortunately some events were unable to occur during 2020.

2019- Mixed Knockout Winners – Jeff Lancaster & Heather Aston
2019 Mixed Knockout Runners Up – Ash Teagle & Carolyn Huggins

2020 Mixed Knockout Winners – Dale Casley & Marg Majernik
2020 Mixed Knockout Runners Up – Ash Teagle & Carolyn Huggins

2019 Star Medalist Winner – Matt Haddrell

2020 Star Medalist Winner – Barry Kennedy

2020 Summer Cup Winner – Ash Teagle
2020 Summer Cup Runner Up – Ray Bill

2019 Wiltshire Knockout Winners – Ivan Fox & Kevin Keating
2019 Wiltshire Knockout Runners Up – Michael Milovitch & Jon Milovitch

2020 Wiltshire Knockout Winners – Geoff Hall & Noel Milligan
2020 Wiltshire Knockout Runners Up -Michael Milovitch & Jon Milovitch

2019 Scratch Foursomes Winners – Bryan Eddy & Steve Carr
2019 Scratch Foursomes Runners Up – Mark Corradin & Matt Haddrell

2020 Scratch Foursomes Winners – Matt McLeod & Gary Hunt
2020 Scratch Foursomes Runners Up – Dale Casley & Nick Giles

2019 Nett Foursomes Winners – Wayne Gould & Mal Dickson
2019 Nett Foursomes Runners Up – Bruce Edwards & Ray Stringer

2020 Nett Foursomes Winners – Matt Haddrell & Kohen Haddrell
2020 Nett Foursomes Runners Up – Brian Oldham & John Wiseman

2020 Mentha Trophy Winner – Frank Messner
2020 Mentha Trophy Runner Up – Graham Chapman

2020 Singles Matchplay Knockout Winner – Nick Giles
2020 Singles Matchplay Knockout Runner Up – Mark Corradin

2020 Presidents Trophy Winner – Troy Schlink
2020 Presidents Trophy Runner Up – Molly Ryan

2020 Professionals Trophy Winner – Molly Ryan
2020 Professionals Trophy Runner Up – Barry Kennedy

2020 CEO’S Trophy Winner – Troy Schlink
2020 CEO’S Trophy Runner Up – Molly Ryan

2020 C Grade Champion – Steve Burns
2020 C Grade Runner Up – Ray Bill

2020 B Grade Champion – Will Power
2020 B Grade Runner up – Troy Schlink

2020 Club Champion – Mark Corradin
2020 Club Champion Runner Up – Luke Trembath

2020 Ladies Weekend Champion – Rowena Wallace
2020 Ladies Weekend Runner Up – Deb Ryan

2020 Junior Champion – Sam Trembath 
2020 Junior Runner Up – Jayden Geisler

2019 O’Brien Knockout Winners – Ray Bill & Joe Hrdina
2019 O’Brien Knockout Runners Up – Dale Casley & Steve Carr

Wayne Gould – Club Captain/Chairman
Michael MacGregor – Head Professional

Golf Committtee Report January


Dear [First name],

Wednesday 27th January the Golf Committee held their monthly meeting. We would like to inform you on some important information that was discussed at this meeting to keep everyone informed of what is happening around the club.  

After robust discussion, the committee unanimously decided that the flagsticks must remain in the holes. The only exception to this rule is when there is water in the holes from either rain or watering that causes the foam in the holes to slip up. If you are removing the flag in this instance please use a towel to take out the flag. The greenskeepers will be monitoring the water in the holes of a morning when mowing and rolling the greens to ensure all water is taken out. The foam will also be lowered in all holes to hopefully reduce the chances of a ball popping out. 

Anyone who is found to breach this local rule on multiple occasions will be subject to disciplinary action.  

Rakes will remain out of the bunkers and preferred lies will continue to be in place. Please ensure that you smooth over your divots and footprints as you leave the bunkers.

The committee will review these local rules in a months time to reassess the situation.

We are currently investigating options for the club to have new pennant shirts. It was agreed that we will have one universal colour for men and women. A colour is still yet to be decided. 

A Junior Golf Committee has been formed within the Goulburn Murray Golf Association. The Cobram Barooga Golf Club will have 3 representatives. These people will be Matt Haddrell, Steffi Vogel and Shannyn Chandler. 

It was commented how great it was to see a few of the juniors playing in competitions on a regular basis now with many hanging around in the afternoons to help the pro shop with a number of different tasks. 

We wish to thank Phil Boulton for his generous donation of practice balls recently. This will be a great help for the junior clinics that are run on a Sunday morning. 

The greenkeepers are running with 2 staff members short of an ideal number. All staff are back on full hours during the week with some doing a few hours on a Saturday morning. Currently no one is doing any hours on a Sunday. 

There will be a major focus on the greens surrounds with extra watering to take place. This will mean there will be extra water in the bunkers. However, another focal point is to improve bunker drainage to avoid this. 

The back nine of the Old Course still operates through manual watering. Watering of these fairways takes place each morning and therefore a number of the fairways will be quite wet for those who like to play in the mornings. 

Discussion took place on creating a Dad’s Army along with some working bees to help the ground staff in the jobs that are currently non essential. Anyone who may be interested in helping out, please contact the pro shop.

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the White and Blue courses. Tee markers are allowed to be shifted within 100 metres of the course plates. This means that although you may play off the Blue Course for the day, the markers could be moved forward. The set up of the course will always be different on a Saturday compared to a Thursday. This will mean either the pins will be moved or the tee markers. 

Plans to upgrade the West Course starters hut are ongoing. 

All of the supplies have arrived for the new practice nets. These will be constructed in the coming weeks.

It has been asked that all members who are bringing their carts over from the members cart shed, to please use the designated paths. As the 6th and 18th holes are now fully operational, there is too much risk for people who are crossing the fairways. Therefore, you must use the paths the entire way to the pro shop.

The local council has advised that when travelling to and from the West Course, it is imperative that you use the path inside the fence line from the maintenance shed to the car park as the footpath becomes very narrow and poses a risk to pedestrians. 

When playing the 18th hole of the Old Course, please use the path located on the left hand side of the green. Do not drive between the bollards.

Easter and Senior Tournament entry forms are now available on the website. Entries are coming in quickly for the Seniors Tournament already. 

Member Update 5.1.21

Member Update 5.1.21

The AGM held on 17/12/20 was well attended by 60 members. A ballot was held to select the four new committee members for the next two years.
Those elected were:


We would like to extend our thanks to Chris Crawford & Don Jackson, although unsuccessful, for expressions of interest.

WAYNE GOULD was unopposed & appointed Captain/Chairman for his 8th term.

Thank you to Max Steward for Scrutineering the Ballot.

The Committee met last week to discuss & draft the 2021 Golf Syllabus, when finalised it will be posted on the Website under Golf Programs.

Discussion re Bunkers & Flagsticks, with the recent COVID OUTBREAKS, RESTRICTIONS are once again imperative that we adhere to our current Procedures (NO EXCEPTIONS) current conditions will continue until further notice > No rakes in bunkers


A Ball in a bunker maybe lifted, cleaned and placed as near as possible to original lie not nearer the hole

(exception below)

Flagstick to remain in unless hole is full of water and foam has floated up; flag stick may then be removed and replaced by one person only
please try and not make direct skin contact with flagsticks

Wayne Gould Club Captain and Cobram Barooga Golf Club Golf Committee