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Looking to become a member of a top-class golf club with exclusive perks?

Look no further than Cobram Barooga Golf Club! As a member, you’ll enjoy access to our exceptional playing and practice facilities, as well as a free Sporties Social Membership.

What are the benefits of Sporties Social Membership, you ask? Well, as a member, you’ll receive exclusive discounts that are only available to our members, as well as entry to our weekly members’ draws. Plus, you’ll be able to earn loyalty points through our Advantage Rewards Program.

It’s easy to start earning rewards! As a member of Cobram Barooga Golf Club and Sporties, simply swipe your membership card every time you enter the club or make a purchase in venue, and you’ll start earning Advantage Reward Points. You can earn points on any food, beverage, or Pro Shop purchase at either the Cobram Barooga Golf Club or Sporties.

The more points you earn, the more benefits you’ll receive as you move up the tier levels. So why wait? Become a member of Cobram Barooga Golf Club and Sporties today to start enjoying these fantastic benefits!


The number of points you earn per year (rolling 12 month period) determines your Advantage Rewards tier level.


Simply visit either of our Clubs during your birthday month, swipe your membership card at the kiosk and your Birthday Rewards will be automatically added to your Advantage Rewards points balance.


Simply visit the Club and swipe your card at the kiosk.


You can use your points to pay for purchases within our Clubs and take advantage of generous discounts when paying with points. Gift cards are also available.


Advantage Rewards points for Gold, Silver and Bronze levels will expire on 30th June each year.


Please see one of our friendly Staff Members to check your tier level.


Each month members who qualify for a higher tier are moved up to their new level automatically.


Each January and July members who no longer qualify for their current level will be moved down to the appropriate level automatically.


Your Advantage Rewards Points are a reward for your support of your Clubs, using your points does not affect your tier level.

2024/25 Membership Fees

Memberships in effect as of May 1st, 2024 – Expiring June 30th, 2025.

Pro-Rata pricing in effect as of October 1st, 2024.

Please note: As of July 1st, 2024, Cobram Barooga Golf Club has introduced a Private Cart Levy to support the maintenance and construction of cart path infrastructure. Under these new regulations, only privately owned carts displaying a valid registration sticker and the club’s motorized carts will be permitted on the grounds. Visitor-owned motorized carts will no longer be allowed, encouraging the rental of CBGC hire carts or non-motorized traversal of the course.

Note: Affiliation and Golf Link Fees are not included. Uniform Pro Rata’d membership pricing applies if joining from December 1st. Requests for Pro-Rata’d membership pricing prior to December 1st will be made on a case-by-case basis, written requests can be made via emailing membership@sporties.com.au.

* Allows 7 Days per week access to the Cobram Barooga Golf Course. Must have proof of ID stating you are aged 85 years or older.

*** Allows 7 Days per week access to the Cobram Barooga Golf Course. Pay as you go green fees are payable at a rate of $25/9holes & $35/18holes plus competition fees. Does not include affiliation.

**** Allows 5 Days per week access to the Cobram Barooga Golf Course, Monday to Friday. Pay as you go green fees for Weekends payable at a rate of $25/9holes & $35/18holes plus competition fees.

***** Eligibility for this category is restricted to individuals who have never held a CBGC Membership and do not have a Golf Link handicap history. Introductory Members can enjoy 7 Day playing rights and can remain in this category for one year before transitioning to another membership category

******A $100 annual levy will be charged to members with privately owned motorized carts, supporting Cart Path Infrastructure upkeep. The Sporties will match funds raised, dedicated to construction and maintenance. Only carts with valid registration stickers and club-owned carts will be allowed on the grounds. Golf scooters weighing less than 80 kilograms and designed for singular use are exempt from the Private Cart Levy.

Please Note: Outside 30km Membership refers to residential address. You cannot hold a residential address whether it be a primary residence or secondary residence within a 30km radius of The Cobram Barooga Golf Club to be eligible for this category.

It is against Club’s Articles of Association to provide the Club with inaccurate or misleading information, and failure to comply may result in further action taken against your membership. By becoming a member of Barooga Sports Club Ltd, it is a condition that you adhere to the Articles of Association and By-Laws of the Club. You can obtain a copy of this document from Barooga Sports Club Ltd during their operating hours of Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm, or it can be sent to you by post upon request.

Your Privacy

In order for us to process your application, the Corporation & Registered Clubs Acts require us to collect and display certain information such as your name and address within the Club premises. Failure to provide this information may hinder the processing of your application. We handle your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy, which is available upon request or can be accessed here. Your personal information may be used to inform you about Club services, benefits, or offers.

  1. Application and Membership: a. To apply for membership, you must complete an application form and provide the required identification. b. Each individual is limited to one membership.
  2. Membership and Tiers: a. Membership and tier levels are granted at the discretion of Barooga Sports Club Ltd.
  3. Earning Points: a. Members will earn points when they insert their card into electronic gaming machines and make purchases of food and beverages at Barooga Sports Club Ltd.
  4. Tier Review: a. Members’ tiers will be reviewed monthly, and Barooga Sports Club Ltd reserves the right to adjust the tiers without prior notice to the member.
  5. Transferability of Reward Points: a. Reward points earned by one member are not transferable to another member.
  6. Adjustment of Reward Points, Benefits, and Tiers: a. Barooga Sports Club Ltd may adjust a member’s reward points, benefits, or tier if they have been incorrectly accrued.
  7. Marketing Consent: a. By becoming a member, you consent to receiving marketing materials from Barooga Sports Club Ltd, including but not limited to promotions, entertainment, food, beverages, and gaming machines, in conjunction with the Advantage Rewards Loyalty program.
  8. Changes to Terms: a. Barooga Sports Club Ltd reserves the right to change the terms of membership, including benefits, at any time.

Please note that the above terms are subject to change, and it is your responsibility to stay updated with any modifications made by Barooga Sports Club Ltd.

Reciprocal Club Agreements

Looking for a Golf Club membership that offers great reciprocal benefits? Look no further than Cobram Barooga Golf Club!

We have established strong reciprocal relationships with some of the most highly regarded Golf Clubs throughout the country, providing our members with an extensive list of clubs to play at when travelling.

Reciprocal rights arrangements may vary between each club, however, members can easily gain access to these clubs by obtaining an official CBGC introductory letter from our Pro Shop. The letter should be presented along with a written introduction from our Golf Professional when visiting a reciprocal club.

To find out more about our reciprocal arrangements and the clubs we have partnered with, check out the details below:

Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club



FEE – Nil

Specific conditions exist at:

    • Bright, excludes Easter and Christmas
    • Corowa, Yarrawonga and Border excludes Saturdays