Minor Golf Permission & Participation Release
Please note if 'yes' you must complete the additional needs form
Please note if 'yes' you must complete the additional needs form
I, the undersigned parent, or legal guardian of the minor named at the bottom of this document, hereby grant permission for my child to participate in the golf clinic, golf lesson, or golf group lesson (hereinafter referred to as the "Event") at the Cobram Barooga Golf Club.

In consideration of my child's participation in the Event, I hereby acknowledge and agree to the following:

1. Assumption of Risk: I understand that participation in golf activities involves inherent risks, including but not limited to physical injury and property damage. I am aware of and accept these risks on behalf of my child.

2. Supervision: I acknowledge that the Cobram Barooga Golf Club will provide reasonable supervision during the Event. However, I understand that my child is responsible for following all safety instructions and rules.

3. Emergency Medical Treatment: In the event of illness or injury to my child during the Event, I authorize the Cobram Barooga Golf Club staff to administer necessary first aid and seek emergency medical treatment if required. I also agree to be financially responsible for any medical treatment expenses incurred on behalf of my child. Should my child have any pertinent medical information of relevance to participate in these events, it is my responsibility to disclose this information.

4. Release of Liability: I release and hold harmless the Cobram Barooga Golf Club, its officers, instructors, employees, and volunteers from any and all claims, demands, actions, or causes of action arising out of or related to my child's participation in the Event, including claims of negligence.

5. Photography and Publicity: I consent to the Cobram Barooga Golf Club using photographs or videos of my child taken during the Event for promotional, advertising, or educational purposes without compensation.

6. Travel Authorization: I grant permission for my child to travel to and from the Event location, if applicable, under the supervision of Cobram Barooga Golf Club staff or authorized chaperones.

7. Emergency Contact: By signing this waiver I agree to be recorded as the registrant’s emergency contact. I will update it as needed to ensure the safety and well-being of my child during the Event.

I have read and understand this Permission and Release Waiver, and I voluntarily agree to its terms and conditions.

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