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Chris Tomlinson

Golf News
February has been a busy month on the course and off the course with lots of visitors coming up to play our course and also playing mini and having a go in the simulators. Most weekends we had over 240 players on both course and majority of the carts being booked out which was great for the club. In the coming weekends we have nearly all the carts booked out so if your wanting a cart for your round, please check with us beforehand and not on the day of the round.

Pace of play
Please ensure that your group is keeping up with the group in front of you as there is busy times coming ahead so we want to make sure everyone is doing the right thing by keeping up. If you are in doubt that your ball could be lost, please make sure you hit a provisional ball as we’ve noticed members are taking longer then their desired 3 minutes to look for a ball and then having to go back to the tee and hit another one which then banks the field up so by hitting a provisional ball of the tee and if you can’t find the original ball after 3 minutes you can just move straight to your provisional ball.

Golf Cart Policy and BYO Alcohol
Firstly, big thank you to all those members who have adopted and embraced our New Golf Cart Policy, your assistance and support does not go unnoticed! Just a friendly reminder for those that are still not familiar with the Golf Cart Policy, it did come into effect on the 1st of January. Section 7.51 states:

“Golf cart operators must always comply with conditions of the Golf Club liquor licence
BYO alcohol is not permitted under our Liquor Licence”

If you are still yet to familiarise yourself with the Golf Cart Policy it can be located within the footer of the website (on any page) or you can click this link to go directly to it.

9th hole GUR
As of March 1st the GUR on the 9th hole on the old will be removed and will be now play it as it lies. A player decides that their ball in a bush is unplayable. The player has three options, in each case adding one penalty stroke. The player may:

  1. Take stroke-and-distance relief by playing a ball from a relief area based on where the previous stroke was made.
  2. Take back-on-the-line relief by dropping a ball behind the spot of the original ball, keeping the spot of the original ball between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped.
  3. Take lateral relief. The reference point for taking relief is the spot of the original ball and a ball must be dropped in and played from the two club-length relief area, which is no nearer the hole than the reference point.


Penalty line markings

We will be trailing the new red penalty lines on the old 7,11 and the 13th to try to speed up rounds so not having to look for your ball in the long rough.

  • Relief for Ball in Penalty Are If a player’s ball is in a penalty area, including when it is known or virtually certain to be in a penalty area even though not found, the player has these relief options, each for one penalty stroke:
  • Stroke-and-Distance Relief. The player may play the original ball or another ball from where the previous stroke was made.
  • Back-on-the-Line Relief. The player may drop-the original ball or another ball outside the penalty area, keeping the estimated point where the original ball last crossed the edge of the penalty area between the hole and the spot where the ball is dropped (with no limit as to how far back the ball may be dropped).


TPS was a great success, it was a credit to everyone who helped volunteer to help make sure the event was the success it was. From the pros who we have spoken to, they thought the golf course was absolute faultless so need to give mention to Terry and his team with the great effort for the months of prepping. A lot of first timers played and said they will be back and very much enjoyed our course.

Well done to our very own Steffi Vogel who had a fantastic week by making her 1st cut and did the club and herself very proud.

Monthly Medals
January- Ron Smith
February Men’s Monthly Medal Winner – Frank Messner
February Ladies Monthly Medal Winner – Veronica Irving

Mid Murray Pennant Season
Sunday 12th February, CBGC headed down the road to play in the Mid Murray Pennant final against Deniliquin at Tocumwal golf club. After beating CBGC #2 the previous week, the team were full of confidence going into the final. Jon Milovitch and Steve Burns led the team out to try to get an early point on the board but unfortunately there playing partners were just a bit to strong losing that match 4/3.Phil Boulton and Dan Ellis looked strong all day and won 5/4 to level things back up. Next 2 matches determined the win for CBGC with Dave Wilson & Rob Dishon fighting out for the win in a close match 2/1, with Cobram now leading 2-1, they only needed 1 more point to get the 3 matches they need and the winning moments went to Will Power & Mick Millar, the match went all 18 holes and will & Mick come out on top winning 1up and securing back to back flags. While the team were in celebration mode there was still one more match out on course. Nick Giles & Greg brooks who fought hard all day unfortunately got beat on the 19th Hole, CBGC were victorious winning the final 3/2.


YSM Pennant
Sunday the 19th February in the final which saw CBGC take on Jubilee on the West course in some pretty hot conditions. Chris Tomlinson & Rowena Wallace got the team of to a good start by winning their match 4/3, The team combination of Mitch Grandell & Ben Casley was too strong winning their match 7/6, Reigning club champion Andrew Storer & Steve Carr sealed the win for the club winning their match 3/2. Gary Hunt & Rob Koers played until the very end and finished halving the match as we already had 3 wins in. Head Professional Michael MacGregor and Maxine Sadler fought hard all day but eventually went down 3/2.
On behalf of the club, I’d like to thank all players who put their hand up to represent CBGC and play pennant this year.


Upcoming Events

MENTHA’S Mens & Ladies Stroke includes; Mens Stroke, Mens Monthly Medal, Mentha Trophy 3rd Rd & 1st Rd Club Champs

Easter Tournament- Entry forms are out on the website and have been put out on the members noticeboard and next to the score card scanner.

Seniors Tournament- The Cobram-Barooga Senior Amateur will be played over 54 holes stroke (Men) and Stableford (Women). Dates: Monday 8 – Thursday 11 May 2023 (No tournament plays on Wednesday). All entries will be through the Golf Australia Website which will open in the coming days.

Demo Clubs
We currently have the range of the new PARADYM clubs. Come and see us in the pro shop to try one out.
The Paradym driver model provides a refined shape with high MOI and adjustable perimeter weighting. Engineered for players of all skill levels, this club promotes high launch and low spin characteristics along with a neutral ball flight. It’s our best combination of distance, forgiveness, and adjustability.

Paradym Irons combine our A.I. Designed Forged 455 Face with the all-new Speed Frame. They’re designed for golfers who are looking for a players’ distance iron with a refined shape and premium forging.

The Super Report

Terry Vogel

Course Update
Over the next month black lines will be applied around the greens of both courses. These lines are for controlling the golf cart traffic through sensitive and high traffic areas. It is too common to see carts from visitors and members parked on the greens edge, so please observe these lines and any directional signage.

The West course fairways have been dethatched and fertilised to help over come a disease commonly called “ fairway patch disease “. There is no outright cure, and the best course of action is to have the turf as healthy as possible.
All couch areas are being treated with pre-emergent herbicide to prevent winter weeds.
Watering is being scaled back to get on top of wet areas before an Autumn break of rain.

Finally, I’d just like to thank all the members for the kind words I’ve been receiving on behalf of the crew for their efforts during the T.P.S build up and presentation. There were a few weeks of long hours and split shifts to cope with and all of us were glad to be able to take a few breaths and have a little time off.
Thanks also to the volunteers who all played their role in the lead up and through the whole year, particularly Barry Kennedy, Jimmy Waterworth, Jonny Beard, and Steve Hind who are in most Wednesdays picking up branches.

I also must acknowledge our new equipment suppliers John Deere through Hutchinson Pearce Finley and Land HQ who went above and beyond to provide us with great machinery and 6 extra hands for the tournament week.

The T.P.S. comes and goes quickly but the amount of planning by management in the lead up is enormous, so congratulations to all because as a Cobram Barooga member for 45 years it gives me great pride in being able to show off our venue to the wider golfing public.

Personal Account submitted by TV to the Victorian Golf Course Superintendents Association.

Cobram Barooga Golf Club hosted our 2nd T.P.S Murray River P.G.A. tournament in early February.

The T.P.S. tournaments are a mixed gender event, all competing for the same prize pool. This year an all-abilities section was also added which makes these tournaments a very inclusive event. Although the prize pool is on the lowest tier, the event is televised on the weekends, so it is a great marketing tool for the club to show the venue to the wider golfing community, so within our resources we treat it as “our “Australian Open.

Cobram Barooga is a 36-hole complex, but added to that there is a recreation reserve area with two sports fields and significant gardens and lawns. The permanent crew of 11 are kept very busy and once a P.G.A. event is added to the schedule it means the crew are working longer hours to have the course present its best.

Late last year the club entered a partnership with Land HQ to replace our full maintenance fleet with John Deere equipment, in all 28 units will be supplied by the end of April to replace our tired fleet.

To further support the club and promote the message of women in turf, 6 female greenkeepers were sourced from around Australia and joined the crew for tournament week swelling the numbers from 11 to 17, and what a difference it made. The staff could take some extra time on their tasks and ensure the finish required.

Having never had a permanent female staff member in the past I was a little apprehensive as to how we would gel the group together, but to everyone’s credit the attitude adopted by all was fantastic and even though the work can be hectic with split shifts etc everyone enjoyed the experience.
I was pleased to hear that each of the women were feeling supported and respected in their usual work crew because of their work in our tournament, as they were very professional.

Thank you to the following for giving us a week of their time.

  • Brody Cooper (Secret Harbour Golf Links)
  • Kasey Williams (Busselton Golf Club)
  • Penny Deehan (Oatlands Golf Club)
  • Martyna Synak (The Lakes Golf Club)
  • Lily Dahtler (Green Options)
  • Annabelle Southall (Royal Canberra)

The hardest thing about volunteering at another club is quickly picking up the layout and mowing rounds, so we matched up a volunteer with a member of our crew and then each pair handled a task each morning for the week.

The lead up to this year’s event was hampered by a very wet spring with not much growth, that then snapped suddenly into some hot weather which had the turf stressed while it adjusted. A lesson learned is to expand the preventive fungicide to greens collars in the future as there was some Pythium activity which caused some sleepless nights.

To create parity for the mixed gender event some extra teeing grounds are required, the slow growth meant these areas were very slow to mature.

The fairways have a mix of common couch and winter green, the wet winter and too much golf cart usage were not kind to the common couch fairways, they required regular doses of 400 to promote some extra growth. We decided to patch a few areas as we were concerned they would have looked poor on the coverage, thankfully they looked okay. The winter green fairways were excellent, and the push is on now to convert the remaining fairways as soon as possible. The fairways were dethatched in December and scroll cut at 8mm and pivot 400 applied, 2 applications of primo were also applied and an application of MP Enhance as a green up.

Last year our greens were too soft and a touch slow for tournament golf. Thankfully with the crew being able to work full hours in spring, we were able to stick to the fortnightly dusting and monthly dethatching program following on from our August renovations and because of that the green were firmer and roll smoother. We were blessed with a cooler week and a couple of light showers which enabled us to keep irrigation to a minimum. Another change was to purchase our own POGO moisture sensor, it meant that sensitive areas could be spot watered. Thanks also to Matt McLeod from Living Turf for lending his Pogo to for the week also so two hand watering crews could tackle any dry spots efficiently. The greens followed a nutrition program from Living Turf of fortnightly applications with Primo and an extra week of tournament application, which had the greens in great health. A monthly preventative fungicide program was followed which stepped up to fortnightly in the month prior to the tournament.

The tees had a full renovation and top dress and were in great shape.

All bunkers had moss scrapped off and extra sand added to the bases, since the event the crew decided, we would continue to continue to hand rake the old course bunkers full time to maintain the finish achieved during the tournament.


  • Greens cut at 2.75 mm with Triplex and rolled most days
  • Tees cut with triplex each morning at 8mm
  • Fairways shadow cut each morning at 10mm
  • Approaches cut with light fairway each morning at 8mm
  • Bunkers hand raked each morning
  • Hole change and set up each morning as required

Practice day
Tournament director arrives and sets tee marker set up
Full cut of all areas ( 4 mowers finished fairways in 2 hours )
General tidy up as many areas as possible
Single sift with no evening work

Practice day
Full course prep
POGO Readings all greens
Finish any clean up
Split shift to allow POGO readings, hand water and other catch up tasks.

Massive day with 2 shotgun starts over 200 players
Full course prep
POGO readings am
Split shift to allow POGO readings and hand water
Blower clean up of areas to be mown next morning

POGO Readings all greens am
Full course prep
Split shift to allow for pogo readings and hand watering (moisture was low)
Empty bins and fill sand rings
Blow off all areas to mown
Storm with 3mm rain in evening (moisture levels returned to ideal by the morning)

Pogo readings AM
Full course prep
Split shift for POGO readings and hand watering
Empty bins and fill sand rings
Some areas needed a blow off from storm

2mm rain in the early morning
Pogo readings am
Split shift to allow for POGO readings and hand watering
Fill bins and sand rings
Blow off mown areas

Pogo readings am
Full course prep
Big water of everything in the PM

The weather was certainly in our favour for the week with a couple of light showers and unseasonably cold weather meant irrigation was almost not required for the 4 days of the tournament. The extra hands provided by the women in turf volunteers meant the attention to detail produced was at a higher level than we could have achieved.

Lastly I’d like to thank all our local volunteers who contributed on the course in the lead up, Kodi Beckett from John Deere who co-ordinated the women in turf volunteers for the week , Stephen Foster and Luke Diserens from Land HQ for jumping in and hand raking bunkers, Matt Mcleod from Living Turf for his ongoing support and mentoring and the staff and management of Barooga Sporties for all their help in creating an amazing event to be part of.

Terry Vogel
Golf Course Superintendent
Cobram Barooga Golf Club